Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

EPP is engineered polypropylene resin, formed into small, closed-cell foam beads. The beads are injected into a steam chest to create custom-molded parts in complex shapes, resulting in very tough, low-density foam. EPP comes in a range of densities and colors, and meets the Electrostatic Discharge Associations’ EDS standards.

Products molded from EPP are exceptionally durable, with excellent energy absorption and strength properties, making them highly resistant to shocks and deformation. Foams molded from these beads also retain their stability when exposed to temperature extremes.

At the same time, EPP is highly flexible, lending itself to a wide variety of custom molds. MPI can mold your EPP packaging into virtually any form, custom-fitting it to your products to ensure that they are secured by durable yet lightweight material.

Packaging made from EPP is also recyclable, maintaining its excellent performance characteristics with repeated use.