Our Company

We’re Modern Polymers Incorporated. We form protective expanded foam products out of clean, recyclable, non-toxic polymeric plastics.

Chances are, you’ve always had a rather close relationship with us and never even knew it. We could be in the electronic equipment you recently ordered. Or every car you drive – including infant and child car seats. We form the materials that protect your valuables, whether they be electronics, structures, perishable goods or those most precious and perishable of all – human lives.

So even though, on the surface of it, we’re in the polymer-forming business, what we’re really in is the insurance business.

Several elements contribute to our product quality assurance:

Our History: Modern Polymers, Inc. is a family owned business with family style values. More >

Our Mission: Our Mission Statement is short and sweet:
Quality In = Quality Out. More >

Partners and Affiliates: Modern Polymers partners with the top material suppliers in the industry  More >

Commiment To Quality: At Modern Polymers, as our Mission Statement points out, we’re 100% committed to quality. More >

Our Executive Team: The Modern Polymer’s management team has cumulative experience well in excess of the “century” mark. More >